What is Hiso ? (Short version in English)
What is FRISKUS ?
HISO is a cooperate organization for disabled athletes in Malmoe, founded 1978.

HISO is a non-profit umbrella association, and the tasks is to coordinate, administrate and lead the development of physical activity, as well as leisure time activities for the disabled.

HISO involves many different member organizations for the disabled, each one representing there own handicap. But you do not have to be a member of these organizations, to participate in all the sport activities. We welcome all kinds af people with disabilities.

People in all ages are welcome !

  1. One task is to full-fill the need of athletic, recreational and leisure time activity for the disabled.

  2. Another task is to increase their knowledge about physical activity both as a part of rehabilitation and as a way to improve the self esteem of the participants.

  3. We also try to help those member organizations who want to participate in athletic competitions.

  4. Other important tasks are recruitment of the leaders and participants and finding suitable premises for the activities.

In HISO we have a vision! The vision is to make it possible for disabled people to gain not only activities in the organizations for the disabled, but also activities in other sport or leisure time organizations. We want to take part in the process of integration and make inclusion possible! People have many different needs, so has the disabled!

To make this successfully, it is very important to educate and inform the leaders in these organizations, about different disabilities and how to act when a person with a certain disability comes to join them!

Sometimes you also need special equipment to participate and it is a task for us to try and solve even this question.

Today HISO has many different activities which involve many training groups and of course many leaders/instructors. The activities are mostly during evenings and weekends. You must pay for a special card to participate. But you only pay one amount, even if You take part in many different activities
For example you can participate in:
  • Bocce ball
  • Swimming
  • Softyoga
  • Horseback riding
  • Rifle shooting
  • Bowling
  • Physical exercise
  • Weightlifting
It is important to have in mind that the social aspects of the activities are just as important as the sportactivities themselves.

What is FRISKUS ?

HISO also co-operate with the local Government of the City, starting projects and arranging different events. Some of our partners are The Habilitation Center of The University Hospital in Malmoe (SUS) and The Leisure Department of Malmoe (Fritidsförvaltningen).
Read more about The FRISKUS-group, one big integrationproject in wich we are involved:

The FRISKUS-group (PDF)

If you are looking for further information, please phone us:
Tel: + 46 40 23 10 90
Lugna gatan 41
211 59 Malmö
E-mail: info@hiso.nu
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